x is for…


1.Definition: Friendly relationship between host and guest


I was invited to my eldest son’s house for dinner last night. It was a nice break from the New/Fixer Upper and I hate to cook, so I immediately accepted. Over the years, I have seen he and his wife change from young kids into adults and I admire them for the way that they reach out to friends and family…Usually this an invitation to dinner, to a cook out, to hang out and have good food and conversation. They reminded me of a strange (to me) word starting with ‘x’. They create an xenial environment for those that they invite.

They insist on their guests relaxing, not doing dishes, not cleaning, just enjoying their home, their wonderful food….last night they grilled chicken and steak kabobs with a shrimp basket and fresh peppers and mushrooms. The meat was marinated in several sauces and the shrimp was basted with a mango sauce.

My granddaughter and I had an impromptu history lesson. We don’t visit as much as we used to since she is getting older, but the two of us were just ‘jabbering away’ according to my son….I think he was jealous because we were not admiring his wonderful food. My daughter in law makes a wonderful pasta salad with vegetables that I can not get enough of, and she was listening attentively to the history lesson I was giving as well. We chatted about Russia, Korea, China, Australia, Japan, and what my granddaughter was studying in geography, which lead to me telling her all kinds of fun facts about history….this lead to an in depth discussion of the Korean War, Vietnam and World War II. My granddog Sophie the Doberman entertained us along with her Hound Friend Freckles by kicking up the newly planted grass outside. Their neighbor came over and we visited with him as well.

I was surprised when the sun was setting and it was time for me to go home as I don’t much care for traveling the country roads at night…it was a great time and when I stumbled on this ‘x’ word, it was the perfect word to describe them…I know I am more ‘family’ than guest, but they really do create a wonderful and caring atmosphere for their guests….I am proud of them….I had no say, ‘no thank you’ to the ice cream….I was so full!!


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