Home School is not for everyone….

I have written former posts about homeschooling, but have not really gone into much detail. I have #6 to finish up with, and then I am done. I am so glad. I had a great time with the first two I home-schooled. Perhaps because they were girls and we had more in common, or maybe because they loved to learn and didn’t mind doing the work.

#6 is the typical high school boy, going through whatever boys go through at that tender age of 15….He also had online friends for eight years as well as his siblings. His siblings are leaving the nest fast and furious…..no internet gaming due to the blank blank satellite, so the poor thing is having a rough time of transition right now. My first inclination is to throw him into public school next year. However, it is his last year of home schooling, (next year) and then he will be ready for community college and I hate for him to not have the benefit the others had….I have not had too many people encourage me in sending him to public school. I am not against public school by any means. I went to public school myself and did fine.

Two of my daughters are teachers, and I spoke with them both about my current dilemma with #6…One said ‘It starts with me’…In other words, I have to find a way to make learning fun for him, and motivate him to learn. The other suggested that he be around kids his own age…a club, a group, or something….give him more structure as well.  They are both right I am sure…..

So far, nothing feels ‘just right’ to me….It’s true that he has not had much structure in the past six months. We were reeling from his brother’s diagnosis, (heart disease) and I was ‘shut down’ for a while due to my own anxiety. It’s horrible that I am so weak, but it’s true…then the move, the fixing of the ‘fixer upper’….the moving to the fixer upper…..living in a town vs. the country…..so many things to get him down….he is depressed and not motivated to do any school work, work outside, nor do anything really….

One of my daughters cautioned me on feeling sorry for myself because everything wrong with my son ‘is my fault’ but I do feel as if it’s my fault. I must set my feelings aside, roll up my sleeves, and figure this all out…..

I will do this!!!

after I am done feeling sorry for myself….



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