Internet by…

Internet by cable is awesome!  A few glitches here and there for over eight years…but they were quickly fixed. Moving to the country and a rural area has forced us to go to satellite…we researched the available companies, and there weren’t very many to choose from….We of course had to sign a two year contract….Out of data before the month is out! Now we have the speed of dial up. Wow!  What a big change! Everyone in the household that uses computers is suffering withdrawal. The company we get our internet from said we could purchase more data for an astronomical price….we of course are just going to wait until it ‘resets’ itself toward the end of the month. I have spoken with the children that are here and of course they did not listen. They streamed movies and videos and of course that ‘ate’ up most of the data…I now have to write after midnight which is a ‘free time’ and sometimes that’s fine…unless I am exhausted…I have reiterated to the boys Once Again, No More Streaming….hopefully they will listen for next month. The hubs has shut them off completely until they learn their lesson…Midnight writes for me until the first of May, unless I am lucky enough to slough my way through during the day and get a  good connection….sheesh!



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