Eating Plan…

I said I was not going to have  blog about my plan to Lose Weight, and this will not be a blog about it. However, I did mention that the scale tipped dangerously a few posts ago, so decided to update my Eating Plan. As usual, I was ‘fired up’ for the first few days and did very well..Since my Big Problem is Binge Eating, I have faithfully been eating three meals a day for a week or so now. I did go off the wagon last week. I had not had lunch, and it was into the night hours before I ate dinner. It was late and I was doing laundry. I grabbed a bag of my favorite candy at the convenience store, and I guess that my candy  addiction is over because it tasted awful…didn’t eat the bag as usual so that’s a good thing.

Yesterday, while driving with #6 on the road for the first time, my nerves were pretty frazzled by the time we came home. I was also not Majorly Concerned but Puzzled and Concerned because every mistake he made, he Was So Hard on Himself. I think he is a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist can surely be a good thing, but many times it sets one up for failure, as I have learned the hard way.

I can use any excuse I want. The sad part is, I over ate last night as I have done so many times in the past.

I awoke this morning, paying for it. Not in guilt, but just a Mad Tummy and general feeling of ickiness….It’s been raining for the past few days so have not been walking like I was faithfully doing either. I am hoping for better weather so I can resume my walks. I am so out of shape that I can’t do much more than walk for exercise, other than working in the yard which leaves me exhausted and sweating. The day I do yard work at the Fixer Upper, I usually don’t walk as it’s a work out in itself.

I am not beating myself up, I just know that it doesn’t Pay to Overeat because I feel like crap…If I forget, I will just read over this blog as a reminder…

Not giving up!!


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