My cousin has a broken heart…

I am still mad at my cousin. He is in the hospital and I posted the other day he had a heart attack. I am mad because he was going to take his mom and she is still with me being awful.  I heard from him today. He is having a valve replacement next week but still doesn’t know what exactly caused his heart attack.

We grew up like brother and sister and I love him. I am just mad at him. He doesn’t mean to be the way he is. He had a partner for over twenty years and he passed away. My cousin took care of him. I guess he doesn’t want to take care of anyone else. He certainly can’t take his mom now, he needs to take care of himself.

He has known he has had a leaky heart valve for years.  He saw the doc a month or so ago and they did not want to replace the valve because the doc said they only last maybe ten years. That sounded strange to me and I gently suggested a second opinion. I don’t know if my cousin ever got one.  Well he is getting a new valve now so that’s the important thing. I would imagine that it certainly had something to do with his heart attack.

I do hope he is well soon. I do wish him happiness. I will still cut ‘that side of the family out’ and unfortunately he is one of them. They are just so cold sometimes.

This is going to sound mean and it is….I am thankful for the doctors and modern medicine, but at least my cousin is 57 years old and they can ‘fix’ him….I wish they could do the same for my beloved #5 who is only 18….no cure for HCM heart disease….


But I still love him……..(my cousin)

And yes, Menopause is visiting today in Full Force and I am sneering as I write this…..


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