So we all think we have it bad…

I was talking with a customer back in December. He had to cancel his job because his daughter died. Of course tears leaked from my eyes but I did not want to pry as to what happened to her.

This morning he called to reschedule. We talked for a long time. His daughter passed away in December, right before Christmas. She was only 37 and left a loving husband and two children behind. She thought she had a sinus infection. She did not want to take vacation time from work, so went in anyway. She became sicker. She had bacterial meningitis. By the time she went to the hospital, she was brain dead. Then he told me he lost his brother last week. He was getting ready to have knee surgery. He was on a blood thinner at a VA (veterans) hospital. He fell. He hit his head. His blood levels were so high from the blood thinner that he bled to death in less than 15 minutes. He was supposed to be tested every week for his blood levels. He was not. Then he told me he lost a granddaughter back in 1999.  She was shot in the head, as a little girl and died. Her mother, his daughter, killed herself a year later for she could not live without her daughter.

Sheesh.  I was so upset after talking with him. I felt bad for my complaints, annoyances, fears, and worries.

This guy is a big ‘ole Navy Dog, retired, but one can only take so much….I am praying for him and his family…….Put some things in perspective for me.

The dogs were outside while I was on the phone with him. It is raining and they decided to dance in the mud puddles. I didn’t even fuss at them when they tracked in mud…..


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