Today he learned to drive…

Yesterday he was just a little seven pound bundle of love, today he got his learner’s permit to drive. #6 has been studying his drivers manual for over two weeks, counting down the days to be able to drive. Today he took his test, and received his permit. Once home, he wanted to go and drive of course. We spent a few hours in a parking lot first, then I let him drive me into the next town to do some work on my laptop since my internet does not reset until after the weekend. Then we drove another ten miles or so to the next time to run by the store. He was so nervous but did well for his time driving…..I can’t believe that he has his permit!  He has always been ‘little’ to me. Today I think I realized for the time in a long time that he is growing up too, just as the others are doing…he is getting older just I am!  I also realized that I need to cling to the time I have left of being around him….before I know it, I will blink and he will be gone too….


2 thoughts on “Today he learned to drive…

  1. i can imagine two wonderful experiences in this post… the exciting one of the son and the loving one of a parent… it’s so amazing when you get your driver’s licence.. it makes you feel on top of this world… at the same time, as a parent, getting to see your children growing and learning life is something truly amazing… cheers!!


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