Weird families…

My cousin had a heart attack the other day, and ‘that side of the family’ has not gone to visit him. No one has that I know of. My own children have inquired about him, one of them was going to visit over the upcoming weekend. My Uncle updates me each day on his condition. My aunt, who lives with me, was a bit upset when she heard, but I would be screaming my head off if that happened to one of my kids so I thought her reaction was strange….If one of my children, grown, or coming of age, had something like that happen, or even something not as Serious, we would all be there in Force. I am not saying that we are better or worse than ‘that side of the family’, but their strangeness and lack of concern (in my eyes) is so weird….to me.

Not just because of this one incident, but years of weirdness and lies have caused me to ‘cut myself away from that side of the family’ for many years. I have only been back in touch with ‘them’ since my aunt has come to live with me..I just never wanted people that had so many bad habits around my kids, so kept them at bay.  I am glad I did, no regrets at all. Still it’s strange that my kids have more concern that their own immediate families….

He is still in the hospital and is going through many tests to see what caused the heart attack to begin with, and I have a feeling that it will take a few days to know exactly what is going on, but I am keeping myself at arm’s length because they are so irritating and exasperating….

My aunt wants to move out on her own after using me up for almost three years so in between my daily routine, working, adjusting to the Move, and all the other things I do, I am looking for a place for her to live.

She has made herself Perfectly clear that she no longer wants to reside here and I don’t have time for her foolishness. I don’t think she likes the Fixer Upper, nor living in the country where she said she feels ‘trapped’. She stays in her room, sometimes sitting in her room, tv off, looking like a troll. For Real. She has some anger issues and is taking them out On Me. Sheesh…She has also told me that her kids, my cousins, don’t speak to her because I ‘aggravate them’….

I will Really Think it through before I ‘rescue’ another relative……I know it sounds mean, but once I get her moved out, I will surely ‘cut that side of my family out of my life’ once again..including her, she has four sons to deal with her, it is no longer my place. I have been a whipping post for many relatives over the years, but this time I can say No…perhaps I am learning……too much stress, especially for someone that suffers from Anxiety like I do….

The sad part about this story is that it is true, and I will not miss any of them….


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