It’s no surprise to God…

It’s no surprise to God….that’s what one of my daughters said to me months ago. That statement was so profound once I really rattled it around in my head.

When bad things happen, or disappointments come our way, it’s no surprise  to God….He already knows what’s going to happen. So if I go on that premise, and I do, then we should be prepared, right? I am sure we should…but what of those who lost their way?   If they knew God, accepted Jesus, cried out for Him, then received no answers, and decided to go a different way, are they prepared when things don’t go their way?

My  beloved #5 did not get into the college he really wanted to go to. His grades started falling about the time he received his heart disease diagnosis. Now there is still a way to go, but he will have to work really hard and reapply next year. Perhaps it’s for the best…I know it’s not the biggest problem in the world, but it is to Him….IT IS TO HIM..

I Am the One he hung onto tonight, feeling like he wasn’t good enough nor smart enough with red rimmed eyes DAMN IT and Yes I want to help make this happen for him, if its what he wants and he DOES more than anything…he told me so…. I am the one who held him while he tried to hold in the tears DAMN IT–I called the one Who Knows Everything…trying to get answers and he is so grateful to her. He is has the sweetest heart, broken though it is….He adores his sisters…..

My prayer is that God’s will is done in this darling’s life. If he is not to go to this college, so be it …However, he has had so many DAMN disappointments, and troubles…

One should always offer support and love to those who are down. Take them out, come and see them, help them figure out a way to climb the mountain….all he had tonight was me, and I am not good enough to take away his disappointment…..

Yes it’s probably The Menopause but that’s not the point. Yes this is a Rant…How can one reconcile a young man taking one blow after another?  I have a shield in one hand, sword in the other, tears streaming at the injustice of it all…..

Please God help him, please help me to help him.

Then the youngest said why does he want to go to such a mediocre school anyway?  He said he could understand if his brother wanted to go to Harvard and didn’t get in…but this school?  Nah… He said college is college who cares??

I laughed my head off.


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