Another little fun fact about Anxiety..

Another little fun fact about Anxiety is that one gets Anxious about things that have not even happened. For instance, if I know that there is an upcoming function I have to attend, or a visit somewhere, or having to do something I Don’t Want To Do, I obsess and stress about it for days, sometimes weeks and months ahead.

When the fateful day arrives, I am biting my fingernails inside, hoping I don’t have a Panic Attack. I don’t want to embarrass myself nor anyone else. I am afraid I might faint, (never fainted in my life) or get sick, (like vomit gross) or do something to offend someone.  It’s awful really.

I hate Anxiety because It Controls Me. I have no Control at all. Doctors have told me that my brain is ‘wired differently’ and my fears are ‘not real’ and ‘not to worry about it’….The Anxiety manifests itself in my physical body….Oh okay, that makes me feel so much better…..(sarcastic of course)…

Another fun fact is that The Menopause makes it worse according to the ob/gyn doc.

He says The Menopause causes all kinds of hormonal changes, and generally raises one’s anxiety and even causes it in women who don’t normally experience it. For those that do, it usually Enhanced. Nice. Just what I wanted to hear.

If I have an upcoming doctor’s appointment, dental appointment, medical test of any kind, it really Ramps up, rearing it’s ugly head.

Anxiety is Ugly.

Anxiety also magnifies one’s emotions that happen in everyday life.  A bad day is a horrible day. A problem is a Mountain of a problem. A sad happening is Heart Breaking, bad news is Devastating.

Years ago I heard the term from my older relatives if they were talking about someone like this, ‘Oh don’t tell so n so, she has bad nerves’.

I guess I am now ‘so n so’…




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