A lovely prayer today…

#2 called me today in the middle of my ‘Anxiety State’.  I have not cried due to The Menopause for a day or so, so I was probably due….She wanted to see me this coming Saturday for Mother’s Day. I really don’t care about Mother’s Day. I wanted to see her though and suggested I drive to her house, a few hours away on Friday and spend the night. She wanted to go out to lunch, but I told her I would rather spend time with her instead, just have a bite at her home….then I started stressing over a research report that #6 and I am working on. My other daughter, #4, was kind enough to say she would come home this weekend and help out on the research paper. I never really paid attention to footnotes. I semi taught #3, she taught #4, she taught #5, and so forth.  So #4 is supposed to come home this weekend. I texted #2 and told her that and of course she responded graciously. As we were talking, I told her how sorry I was, that I am a terrible mother, an awful teacher, I hate myself……all of these negative things about myself. She immediately became the Strong Woman of God that she is and also became The Parent…admonishing me to not even Dare talk about myself in that way….The tears poured down which turned into sobs and she then talked me through Panic by having me concentrate on my breathing….and then she began to pray …..boy is she ever a Prayer Warrior!  I felt so blessed to have children that care so much about me, even with all of my foolishness…..


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