Mean and Crazy…

Mean. I am talking about someone who is mean spirited, for no good reason at all. Someone who is just mean spirited and unreasonable.  Crazy. Not mentally ill crazy, just crazy acting. Someone who has gone around the bend. Perhaps a miserable person as well. This post is a follow up to the post I wrote yesterday about one of my customers….

I received a text message this morning from her, after I asked her not to contact me…that I can pay her back the money she paid to have her job done (I don’t think so) or go to court. She is a lawyer after all….she then said she would gladly take my car …Take My Car in payment if I don’t have the money.  Who says those kinds of things???

We have not even met with her nor has she given us ‘first right of refusal’ to ‘fix whatever is wrong with her floor’, (which is nothing)….

The funny thing about her taking my car is that I still owe two payments on it, it’s a 2003 so Not New, and has a crunched in nose due to someone backing into me, or me hitting a curb or who knows???

This is a fine way to start the day. Is she jerking my chain or trying to get me upset? Today I am choosing to ignore her…I think she is a bully. I am so shocked at her behavior that I had to write it down….

She also said she would write a horrible review on the site she was referred to us by. That’s a shame because on this particular site, we are rated with 5 stars, the highest honor. So she wants to hurt a small business as well. She said she saved all of my text messages. I don’t know what she means by that except that I said I would address her concerns, and fix anything that was wrong due to our fault…..or maybe that she is constantly changing her mind, or maybe that she is ‘in chaos’ or something like that. I hope she saves the ones I said ‘not to worry’ and ‘all will be well’…..She is still texting as I am writing this.

I have been to court many times over the last twenty five years, never for us, but as a witness to a floor that had a problem on behalf of a customer. If she has other companies in there, they have to be able to come to court and testify. Surely she knows that, or sign an affidavit as such.

I am going to ignore the poor soul. I feel sorry for her, that she is so hateful and would Dare to take advantage of a small company, making threats to take us to court, ruin our reputation (I am not worried about that, it’s impeccable) and Take My Car….

If I had another, I would gladly give her the old 2003 with 149K miles on it just to get rid of her.

Like the title says, ‘mean and crazy’.….




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