My eldest son is always inviting me to comedy shows and I hope that he does not give up on me. I really do want to go to one with him and his wife. There are some comedians that I think are worth writing about and let the reader decide for themselves.

Ellen:  I think she is absolutely hilarious. I have laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face Before The Menopause. I would definitely catch one of her shows if I had the chance.

Rosie:  I know she is kind of a controversial person sometimes, but her stand up in the old days was so funny. I watched her every time I got the chance. She is another one I would have to bring tissues to; laughed till I cried Before Menopause.  She is a good actress too and would love to see her in more films.


I don’t know the ‘real name’ of this guy. If you U Tube GAYLE WATERS WATERS it will bring up all of his videos.  He either is or was a film student and plays a character that is a woman. He gets his ideas from his older lady relatives and then acts them out. He is Gayle. He is so funny, absolutely hilarious. I can’t get enough of him….I can’t do any streaming now that I am on satellite, so I have to watch him on the laptop where I can get wifi…he is not for everyone…too many folks I know just don’t ‘get him’ but if you are a mom, married, have kids, are a homemaker….it’s worth your time for some Laughs….the scenarios he acts out with his ‘husband and kids’ are so typical of the suburban housewife and the joys of motherhood and the crazy things that Women Do.  Hilarious.


17 thoughts on “Comedy…

  1. Hello Jeffrey: I too love comedy because I Miss the laughter in my life. My mom passed away years ago. She was my grandmother, and we were 50 years apart in age. She raised me. Boy, could that woman make me laugh! That’s why I like Comedy Shows. I too, do not like the crude material, and am often embarrassed by it.


  2. Hello Jeffrey: Half the time, I can’t figure out why the crude stuff is so funny!! I have to have my daughter in law explain it to me and even then I don’t think it’s funny!! One of my favorite comedians is Ellen. She is just so funny to me…and I love the fact that she does so much for people. Another funny guy is on U Tube by the name, #GAYLE. I literally cry laughing. He impersonates a housewife. He was a theater student and got his ideas from his family members who are women. He ‘acts out’ how ‘real’ women act. So funny!! In the ‘old days’ I thought Bill Cosby was hilarious, and Eddie Murphy too, I don’t know many of the young ones these days…Thank you!


  3. I agree with you Jeffrey. Crude comedies make me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it’s my age, but I was called a ‘prude’ when young too, so who knows? I don’t think ‘crude’ is funny!


  4. Seinfeld has a feature called master of my domain, which is stand up comedy. I think that some of his humor is easy to understand and other parts might not be. Kramer is one of my favorite characters.


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