Here is my secret…

Here is my secret that only some people know, mainly my daughters (daughter in law included and my granddaughter)….If I had known of him when I was young, I am quite sure I would packed up everything in a backpack and hit the road and would have been a Groupie…Yep.  Keith Urban.  I know, I know, so silly for an old lady like me…Well there it is.  I love his music, his art, his guitar playing, his tours, his looks, his accent, his smile, his everything….. his shows (have only been to one…whew!!!)  Yes it’s true, I am a Dedicated, Ridiculous Fan…..

Just one little problem with my obsession…I love his wife, Nicole Kidman, in fact, she is one of my favorite actresses, so will always just admire Keith from afar….

Whew it’s getting hot in air….better go put my head in the freezer!!

and YES I am going to see ANOTHER show in August

come on Summer!!


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