Home schooling and Science…

The best way for me to fall asleep is to study Science.

In school I loved to cut things open or blow things up. Everything else was a different language to me, that I could not understand. It is still the same as it was way back then a million years ago.

I pay for my curriculum, and in ninth grade we always studied Earth Science. This year it’s Physical Science for some reason. I am really having a hard time with it. I can only take so much information about atoms and protons and neutrons…my eyes start to glaze over and I have to read the text five or six times prior to teaching. #6 takes it in stride thank goodness because he really does think Mawm is Dumb…

I think you have to have a mathematical mind for this kind of thing. Math is a language all it’s own. In my college math classes, I was only at the eighth grade level. Sad. Usually in school I was hiding a book or a notebook, writing poetry or a short story and dreaming up all kinds of adventures, not paying attention at all.

This is the last child I am home schooling and was hoping to do better by him. I am struggling more than he is!

Moving at any time of a school year is tough for the child as well. I am trying to stay organized and ‘on top of things’ but it seems like everyday there is a new challenge and school takes a back seat. I am really pushing him right now and hope he gets the gist of Physical Science at least. Then if he wants to pursue it further, he can do so in college and I won’t have to be studying atoms any longer….

Today he looked at me and said, “at least it’s not history Mawm”….I was absolutely appalled!! (I love history of course, I mean I love to weave it into my stories so how could anyone Not love History)??



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