I read this article about writing and got scared..

I read this article today about new writers and had a few moments of panic. I have been writing a book for three years now. It was finished last year except for some editing and some details that need to be changed. I was looking over it the other day, actually letting #6 read it. He is only 15, so anything to catch his interest, since he is not a big reader was such an encouragement to me. Suffice it to say, the article said that a novella should be 30K to 50K words. My book is Not.  So now I have to rethink some things. Perhaps it’s only a short story…if so it sure has taken me a long time to write it….I have to do some more research on this before peddling it….15000 words?  Not so much…..

The biggest problem I have had writing it is because I keep laughing my head off.  It’s so funny to me, and if I don’t get myself together, I will never get it done. I started this blog originally to practice writing each day so that I can get moving on my book. I want to finish it because I have several others in the works, but feel that I need to finish the first one before I go onto the others…. However, I have discovered that I love blogging so much I spend more time on the blog than the book……

Yes, I would like to be like Hemingway (not his grammar) , sitting in a seedy beach bar, on a sunny afternoon, with a glass of Jameson whiskey Over Ice please and thank you, writing a novel that will take generations by storm….one can dream…..

Here’s a funny and silly thing I thought about doing when I was young:

(besides the Hallmark card story which was true and was in a different post)…

I discarded the Hallmark thing, and thought maybe I should pack my car, go to Nashville, and find a musician, (where in the middle of the street, on a corner, in a bar….not in a bar I was only 19.)..and write songs….you know, just meet up with a musician of some reputation, have them strum something, me write something fascinating, since I am more a prose writer I guess…and WOW them…become famous, behind the scenes, not wanting the glory, just wanting to write words…..and them of course not being able to live without my silver lined words…..make a living by writing….Yep that was my dream.

Haven’t reached it yet….


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