If I were an old and ugly dog…

Yesterday #6 and I were driving, logging those hours, running errands….we somehow started talking about dogs. I inherit the kids’ dogs when they go off to college. We have two small dogs that are about ten years old that belong to one of my daughters.

#6 has no idea of the Big Wide World that is going to open up to him once he gets his drivers license and goes to college. He thinks he wants a dog of his own. I am not opposed to that since he is the youngest, and it’s his turn now, so to speak.

We were talking about puppies verses older dogs. He said a puppy was too much work entirely. He was not really keen on the idea of training a pup, nor cleaning up after one. He said he would prefer an older dog, but then thought that the dog may miss his or her original owner and not like him.

He finally asked if we could visit a shelter in the next few weeks. He said he wanted to pick the oldest, ugliest dog. I asked him why.  He said because no one wants an old and ugly dog. He told me that if he were old and ugly, he would want someone to take him home and give him love that he deserved…



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