It was a rainy Saturday…1964

It was a rainy Saturday in April. The Car Show had just come to A Convention Center in Washington, D.C.  Kate came home from work and she was tired. No one could really tell that she was pregnant. She had only gained ten pounds. She was short of stature, but had a long torso, lucky for her. She kept her figure throughout her pregnancy and she was proud of that. Her husband Joe asked her to go out to dinner that evening. She was looking forward to it, although she was so very tired…She took her time getting ready, wanting to look good for him. He was not happy about the pregnancy and neither was she, if she were honest with herself. She wanted children, just Not Now. She had to get off the pill because of some gibberish her doctor gave her, and she took his advice. It was the 1960s and by the time she even found out she was pregnant, it was too late to do anything but have the child. Secretly, she would have gotten rid of the child if she could have. She would have felt guilty, but knew her husband did not want children…right now, if ever. They were a Power Couple, racing cars, building a name for themselves….that was their hobby….later they would drop that past time and fly airplanes and do all kinds of other exciting things…raise a family?  Maybe someday. Alas, she would figure it out…..

Joe came home and away they went. Kate was planning on a romantic dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant. She was wearing nylons and Stilettos, a cute black mini, she knew she looked good and wanted to impress her husband. She was shocked when he pulled into a burger joint. They had burgers in the car. She was so disappointed, but did not say anything, because she knew that he would get angry. He was so excited to see the car show. They were driving their 1962 convertible red and white corvette, and he wanted to see the new models….She was glad to see the rain subsided, grabbed her leather jacket that she had brought along, and tied her hair in a scarf as Joe put the top down. She put on her large sunglasses and daydreamed that she was Jackie O…. To Washington, D.C. they went….Soon her disappointment dissipated at the sheer thrill of being with him. She loved him so much….

They arrived at their destination and found parking. They went into the huge convention center and there were so many new cars and prototypes to see. They walked around, hand in hand. She had to go to the bathroom, and told Joe she was going to the ladies’. He reached around her and bent in for a kiss….Suddenly a rush of water seemed to pour out of her, mixed with urine and blood and splashed all over her and Joe too. Joe was furious and asked her….

“What in the fu** is wrong with you”?

“I think my water broke”, she sobbed….

Joe was clueless, actually he was a very stupid man compared to Kate. He looked a bit like Elvis, so Kate’s friends thought it was his looks that attracted her because he was lacking in personality.

They quickly left the car show, Kate beginning to feel the pangs of labor although she was not due to have the baby till May. She was crying and trying to hide the pain as Joe drove entirely too fast to the hospital. He wasn’t driving fast because he was concerned, he was driving too fast because he was mad. Every turn and curve hurt Kate but he didn’t care. He was just mad.  He dropped her off at the entrance to the hospital and drove off in a rage….She found a nice nurse who helped her up to the maternity ward. Kate was very small and had a terrible time delivering the child. She gave birth to a little five pound (barely) perfectly formed baby girl that had Joe’s dark eyes and eyelashes….Kate was so disappointed and so tired she did not hold the baby when the nurse tried to put her in her arms. She sent the poor baby to the nursery, and called her sister to come to the hospital.

Joe went home and was working on his car. His mother came over to his house. It was thundering and lightning and his mother told him he had a daughter. His reply was,
“Why should I give a shit”?  He did come to the hospital, but saw the little red faced child, said she looked like a monkey and it was too bad it was a girl. Kate was full of remorse and sadness and asked Joe what they should name her. Joe named her Tony. He said she should have been a boy. He was so dumb that he spelled her name wrong but luckily Kate had enough sense to change the spelling…Toni.

The child was not immediately taken home but given to Kate’s sister for a few days, and then Joe’s mother after three weeks of fighting and Not Coping with a new baby….

Kate came back four years later for her daughter but by that time it was too late…

The names are changed but this is a true story.




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