Mother’s Day…

I know that there will be a lot of posts about Mother’s Day.  I really do not care about it for myself and this is the truth. My children have always tried to make the day special and they were successful in doing so. Now most of them are grown and I don’t care at all about them giving gifts, or making special trips. My son took me out to lunch a few weeks ago and it was a really nice day. He is married now and has a child so it will be Mother’s Day for his wife, as it should be. One of my daughters is now a Mother and it will be Mother’s Day for her as well, as it should be. It’s really special for her because she is a new Mom and her first Mother’s Day.

Here is a funny story that happened long ago:

My dad, (grandfather) always bought Mom red roses on Mother’s Day. When I was 18, I had my first child and my dad walked in with the Red Roses on Mother’s Day and presented them to Mom along with a pretty bracelet. He then turned to me and gave me a bouquet of sweetheart roses and a beautiful Gold Cross and said, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’….I was so surprised. I was a single mom at the time and didn’t even think of it! It is a precious memory to me. No one cared to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day except him..he remembered.

I am lucky or unlucky, however you wish to look at it because I had no Real Mother. I did of course have a birth mother but she was not cut out for motherhood. Some women aren’t and that is okay. I did, however, have several Mothers. I had relatives that took on the Mother role, my grandmother (Mom) being the Special One…

I always wanted to be the Greatest Mother in the world. I never wanted my children to go through what I did…the abuse, physical as well as mental…the knowing that you are not wanted…that you were not wanted to be born…no one to think of baby clothes, or baby names, or get excited about a stroller….That’s why I wanted to love them so much, be the Perfect Mom. That way of thinking set me up for failure. No one is the Perfect Mom. I did learn how Not to Be and hope that I was not like my mother to my kids. That sounds mean I know but it isn’t meant to be mean. I just wanted to love them love them love them and let them know that I love them love them love them and will always have their backs no matter what.

These days, they are more Parental than I am. I am quite sure it is The Menopause. They have all been taking care of me it seems, in a supportive role….perhaps that’s what is supposed to happen. I don’t know. My natural mother never lived passed 37 and my Mom did not go through Menopause as she had medical problems young….

Times have changed too. Many grandparents are raising their children’s children. Single dads are prevalent now when years ago they weren’t, so ‘Mother’s Day’ applies to many that are not necessarily ‘mothers’, as in giving birth to a child…. Regardless, I wish all a Happy Mother’s Day and a special thanks to my children, especially my beloved Daughters who truly take care of their mother…..

I always see the best of me reflected in their eyes…

Just wanted to put this post out there since I am having a fine night of writing in the wee hours…!!


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