Music Review…whatever

I don’t really know if this is a Music Review but that’s what I have named this category to write about music. I hear a lot of ‘old artists’ in the ‘new artists’….I tell my kids,

“they were definitely influenced by ‘so n so’…”

my kids then laugh at me and say, ‘Mawm!!  You are so Lame’!!

For example take Will Smith…Yes he is an excellent actor and I love his movies.  I will watch anything he is in just because he is in it….However, prior to his acting career, he was musician….rapper….whatever…He is the one that came up with ‘tru dat’….

I tell them to look it up and then they are like, ‘okay mawm you were right’…

Or the ”’Uh, Uhmn ” sounds…

or take my darling, Michael Jackson, whom I grew up with and Loved….

Yes I DID practice for hours moon walking….I can hear his style in many music artists as well…

Yeah I may be lame but I was young once, singing at the top of my lungs, burn’n up the dance floor

Shh! Don’t tell my kids


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