You can meet….

You can meet the most unexpected people at the most unexpected places. For example, I don’t have a washer or dryer at the new/old fixer upper, thus I am usually at the laundry mat a few times a week, sometimes more. Tonight it was dark when I embarked on my weekly journey to clean the clothes. Rain was pouring down and I was drenched just getting to the car and was wondering why in the world was I going out in the rain to do laundry?  I parked up at the curb and began unloading four baskets. I then had to go back to the car for detergent.  Inside, only one other lady was there. She was so chipper, I was sneering at her in my mind….

Lately I have been so down, depressed kind of, blue, I don’t know….anxiety ridden.  Then I see this older lady, humming, wiping down the folding tables, just generally smiling … almost 9:00 at night…Huh….I began to unload the clothes and she was still cleaning the laundry mat, not even an employee. I asked her why she was cleaning and she replied that she liked it to be clean for everyone…Huh…I started thinking about how blue I have been this past week and compared myself to her. I decided that I Could be like her, couldn’t I ?  Do I have to make a Big Deal out of Everything? Do I have to succumb to my anxiety?  I would normally say Yes because I seem so Out of Control, but tonight, maybe just for tonight, I felt a very small glimmer of Hope…She started telling me that, ‘you just have to read your Bible everyday, believe in the Lord, and find a passage to give you peace. …just think on a few words if that’s all you can remember…say them over and over…’…Huh…..I have been a Christian for over thirty years but even that statement she made caused me to pause….

I really don’t know why either because I have a daughter who is a Powerhouse Lioness of God and she can quote and pray and definitely has the Blessings of the Lord raining down upon her and I know she prays for me.

This small woman made such a profound difference to my mood tonight.

I bet she never even knew…..


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