Thank you for….

Sometimes I write letters to my son that he will never read..Tonight I thought I would mix it up a little and write a thank you to my husband. It’s been pouring rain for several days and the yard is full of puddles and very muddy.  This has been a week of broken cars. One needed brakes, one needed a water pump, and one needed tires. The hubs spent the past few days fixing them. Laying on his back on a towel in the mud and rain, fixing cars, since he was off work.. I know he would rather be resting or working on the fixer upper house we live in. He knew I wanted to see my daughter tomorrow and my car needed brakes. He was not very confident that he could do the rear brakes, but he did them, as well as the front, and the car finally passed inspection!

We discovered early this morning that we had no water. Prior to moving in, he had to work on the well..That was quite a feat. He purchased a well pump and he discovered this morning that the motor had burned out, although it was only 30 days old. He was outside again in the rain and mud, pulling up the old pump, putting together a new one and we finally have water.

He does this for all of us and I do thank him, but I wanted to put my thoughts down because I really do appreciate all he does for his family.

Right now he is teaching #6 Algebra although it’s quite late. He has been working so hard at his job, and on this house, and has fallen terribly behind in Math. (we home school)…after a day of laying in the mud and rain, working on so many broken things the past three days, I know the last thing he wants to do tonight is to teach Algebra. However, that is the kind of guy he is. He is truly a good dad and I appreciate all he does for us.

Thanks honey….


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