Who Are You???

I carry a Sword to chop off the heads of enemies that get in their way

I pack heat for protection

I carry a shield to shield them from harm

I am a C.E.O., a President, and an Officer of Finance.

I am Chief of Requisitions with a handy supply of paper,

pens, pencils, safety pins, staplers, tape and stamps.

I am Head of Security in charge of Discipline, as well as Utility Management. I clean bathrooms as well


do laundry for the Building,  and maintain the Grounds…I am a Restaurant Manager

and take Pride in my Work.

I am in charge of the Medical Facility, maintaining a handy supply of bandaids,

field dressings, wound washes, creams, ointments, pain relievers, cough suppressants, lozenges, epsom salts, aloe, sunscreen, and home remedies.

I am a Social Worker as well as a Guidance Counselor. I am a Psychologist.  I am a Teacher as well as Head of the Motor Pool

I have no Ph.D., nor Masters’ Degree, Nor Bachelors’ Degree, nor Associates’ Degree

Yet I was chosen for the Job

I have been to the School of Hard Knocks

I have the craziest job in the world

It is the toughest job in the world

It is very rewarding and brings me the greatest Joy imaginable

I am a Mother


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