Driving Miss Daisy

I have a driver now to drive me around. #6 has only been driving for a week. I was very tense last week, teaching the rules of the road, the workings of the car. Now I am comfortable, well pretty comfortable with him driving me to the store, the laundry, errands, my estimate. He comments about everything. He never noticed so many places I traveled. He thought I just ‘went to the store’ or ‘ran errands’ never giving them any thought…Now he knows the things I do matter to the family.

Today I decided to try and relax and enjoy the scenery since we are driving on the same roads over and over again. He knows where he is going. He talks to me about all kinds of things.  I think I can get used to another teen driving me around….

Except when he backed the car in and I stepped out into mud!


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