Lioness of God…

Years ago I was a single mom and had a special love for King David of the Bible. I still do. He is my favorite King of the Old Testament. I imagine all kinds of things about him, but one thing I Know is that the loved God so much. I also realize that he was very flawed. However, I would read the book of Samuel many times during my pregnancy years ago and it brought me much comfort.

I was researching the Hebrew name of David, and noticed that he was called Ariel at times and the female version means, ‘Lioness of God’. …thus my #2’s name.

What I did hope for, but not expect in a Big Way that God would answer my lowly prayer over this child;  that she would grow up to be a Lioness of God For Real. She really is. She is a true believer, a Lover of God, a Prayer Warrior, a Friend to All, very Loving, a true Christian woman. I expected her to be some of that and most of that, but not as Powerful as she is in her Faith.

She gave me a book for Mother’s Day and she bought the same one for her. We are doing a ‘Bible Study’ together based on this book I guess you would call it…long distance. It’s awesome and such a great way to stay in touch with loved ones when they are not near! I would not have thought of it, but she did, and Thank the Lord she did…..I have not gone through the entire book, only chapter by chapter via email with her but the first Chapter is aptly speaking about the way women think and feel about themselves instead of the way God sees us.

I have never been self confident in my Walk with the Lord, nor have I ever really felt worthy to His Daughter. I can certainly pray with certainty for others, but am constantly plagued by insecurities and doubt, and much anxiety about myself…..This first chapter really spoke to me.

I am looking forward to reading this book through and continuing this with my daughter. I think it’s a great way to communicate with your loved ones. I am sharing this so others may want to do the same, even with a different book. Kind of like a long distance book club.

Waking up this morning and receiving her first email was so wonderful. I can’t even imagine that she finds time in her busy day as Wife, Mother, Teacher to read a chapter and then take the time to email her mother.

But then again, she was named for David, who danced before the Lord, I really should not be surprised….


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