An only child

An only child                    can be happy                  all the attention                or be

lonesome                            no one to hang out with                            no one to talk to

the youngest child can be                 an only child

everyone is grown except him

he puts his arms around me                   only because I am here              although

there is love there                        he is bored                 unhappy   hates living in the country

so bored              doesn’t like to read                        doesn’t care for television     misses his internet friends

misses everything he has ever known…longs            for the old days before there were

girlfriends     boyfriends     college    marriage     babies    jobs     Life

he asks             why is he the youngest      why can’t he have a brother younger

he asks questions I can’t answer                         a mother’s heart longs to help him

I don’t know how

I can’t even help myself


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