Heart Disease and High elevations…

As some of my followers know, my #5 has H C M heart disease.

There was some research on the internet that said that those with this condition should not fly into places that have higher elevations (isn’t flying a high elevation)??  Anyway, I also heard that their blood pressure medicine may need to be adjusted.

#3 is moving to Colorado and #5 may decide to go for a visit. Because of this, I thought I had better make sure that it was safe, and if not, I wanted to find out if the meds should be adjusted. Here’s what I found out:

Just got off the phone with both the blood pressure doc and the heart doc. They both said that it was safe enough to fly or drive into places with higher elevations. That those with H C M heart disease may have a harder time breathing than those who don’t have it…that they should slow down if they get out of breath and take breaks until their bodies adjust. Neither thought it was a problem. Of course they said if there were any problems, go to the nearest hospital and get in touch with the heart doc.  Just wanted to share this with those who may be interested….


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