Home School and the Wing man..

#3 has been my wing man for many years..She is graduating this weekend with her Masters in Teaching and is getting married next year. She is moving to Colorado in July. She came over today and helped with #6 and a research paper he is working on. I just could not get him motivated, nor was I motivated enough to fight him I guess. She said I had to be less negative and make learning fun. I think I lost that somewhere. Home schooling this year has been hard due to the move and other reasons as well, but we are just about done. She took him out to a coffee shop due to the stupid satellite not having much data and being on a data restriction and they are ready to write in just a few days. I was amazed, thankful and grateful for her help. However, as I was cleaning the dinner dishes tonight, I realized that I depend on this remarkable young woman way too much, and it’s really selfish of me. She is getting ready to start a new life and I certainly do not want to be a mother that causes her irritation and I am afraid that I do. What new wife wants to hear their mother complaining, grousing, or worse yet, crying on the phone?  No one. Therefore, in this week of changes I am incorporating into my life, I am adding that to my list. No more wing man. I think that I need to get over the past when that precious child took care of me. It’s time to let her have her own wing man, her husband to be. I wish her all the success, prosperity, blessings and love in the world…Instead of clipping her wings by being an irritant, I am putting the scissors down and letting her fly….


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