Internet and Cable and Satellite

Well here I am again, hardly into half of the month and our data ran  out again on the internet. It’s so bad that it’s worse than dial up. Sometimes we can’t even load a page. I called the satellite company and discovered something that they Do Not Tell You so thought I would share…maybe it will help someone else.

If you have to have satellite for your internet, and you bundle it with television service, many times the television is hooked to the wifi automatically, using the data from your internet, not the television. You have to manually go into the television settings and take off the wifi on each television. Big fun. That’s how we ran out of data so early supposedly. I spoke with both of the boys about it and I  told them that I was calling the satellite provider and they both said ‘go ahead we didn’t use it up’…they were telling the truth. This is just a sneaky little way for someone to make money…..I refuse to ‘buy more data’ so I am blogging again for the next two weeks at my local fast food restaurant…thank goodness they offer free wifi. I am truly grateful for that, I always buy a drink or something because I appreciate their free wifi so much so I can write and take care of business things. I do also have email on my phone, so can always use data on the phone as long as the wifi is turned off.  I sure am learning a lot about this kind of stuff!!

Just thought I would share in case someone else has to go to satellite: check your TV settings, keep your wifi off all devices. Otherwise, you will run out of data and have to buy more which is expensive, or drag around the laptop to your favorite restaurants and coffee shops. It’s not too bad really…..just irritating if you were not planning to go out for the day…


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