I called the internet provider yesterday and wrote a post about satellite and televisions and being careful about them being hooked up to the internet.

My hubs knows how important my blog is to me, although he wishes I would write for Pay. He encouraged me to buy more data, but I was loathe to do so. However, if I did not buy more data, I was forced to go out someplace that offered free wifi which isn’t really that bad, but inconvenient at times.

I bought more data!!

Now I can blog as long as I want, enjoy the pictures, the stories, and the poetry that I read each day. (depending of course if the data I bought can get me through the rest of the month, which we don’t know as we have never purchased ‘more’ data before)… I get a certain joy out of being part of a blogging community, even though I am a small part.

I don’t know some of the natural things that many seasoned bloggers know, such as inserting pictures which make the blogs so pretty, or appropriate to what you are writing about. I don’t know how to do a pingback although I have read instructions several times and still don’t ‘get it’…but I will learn as time goes on.  Or if I can catch one of those wizard children of mine that come in and out my revolving door and stay long enough to show me!

I love the artists and photographers that show their work because I used to be an amateur photographer as a therapy exercise. I love the art because #4 is an artist and I am encouraging her to start a blog to showcase her art. I love the poetry because I am a poet. I love the stories from the younger crowd and can relate to them because many of the things that they are going through I have gone through myself a million years ago.

My youngest said to me yesterday, ‘Mawm!  Why do you care about your blog? You are Old! Blogging is not for Old People”!!

What he doesn’t know is that it is very therapeutic and I have encouraged some of my ‘Old friends and acquaintances ” to start a blog as well!  Many of the older crowd are either scared of blogging, but it’s anonymous I tell them. You can name it anything you like and don’t have to share a picture. You can write about anything. Many older folks have such adventures and stories, they are amazing, and have done amazing things with their lives way before computers and cell phones and microwaves were even invented….

I have realized that I really do need to name my blog but so far, nothing grabs me….

I have gone down a bunny trail as usual. Buying more data has allowed me to escape for a while in my blogosphere and for now, this place is where I am happier and calmer.

Kudos to all the bloggers out there I follow and love to read each day!  You are so much better than reading the ‘newspapers of yesterday’….


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