Happy Thought…

After writing about my Anxiety and me ..Parts 1 -11, I think it’s really time for a Happy Thought before I sign off for the day!  The one thing I ever really wanted in life was to be a good mother, and for my children to be happier than I was. That being said,

Good job #1 for being a great father and husband (please work on your sibling skills)

Aces to #2 for being one of the best moms I have ever seen, and for being in madly in love with your hubs

Congrats, well wishes, kisses and love to #3 for Graduating this weekend with your Masters, being brave enough to embark on a new journey with your hubs to be in Colorado and for teaching those wonderful young minds….

Kisses, love and hugs, Congrats to #4 for Graduating this weekend with your Bachelors and a Minor to Boot!  Art reigns!!

Hugs and love and wellness to #5 for being the courageous young man you are…my beloved….I love your goofy jokes!!

#6 – It’s you and me now, you have done a marvelous job this year with all of the turmoil in our lives and I love it when you make me laugh which is much of the time!!

Thank You Lord for these wonderful children who have enhanced my life, enchanted my heart, challenged my mind, Taught Me, when I am so undeserving….


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