Anxiety and me….Report

Today I had the dreaded mammogram and was worried all week about it. I went to a new place, well new to me, that offers same day results. I had never gone to a place like that before because my insurance did not cover it. This time it did. I was there an hour early, afraid of being late with traffic. While waiting, I filled out paperwork and read my Kindle to pass the time. I was not worried about the test itself but the results….Oh I was so scared.

In my Anxiety and me Part 1-11 stories yesterday you will see that Anxiety is ramped up these days and I am searching for my own reason for it, and remedies as well.The tech was very nice and gracious. I was told to sit out in the lobby after she was done,  and the radiologist would be out shortly to talk to me…she said perhaps thirty minutes. I hadn’t opened a magazine when my name was called. I was terrified because he escorted me into ‘one of those rooms’ where they talk to patients. My name was called so quickly, I was sure that it was bad news.  He walked in and did not say, “Hello”…he said,  “You are fine, just fine, Good Morning”!!  I fainted in my mind…I was so thankful.

The problem with Anxiety is that it exhausts you. I was churned up all week, not able to focus nor concentrate. I was grouchy and ill-tempered. I came home today after running errands after the mammogram and sat down in my House of Bedrooms (see different post) and fell right to sleep. My poor body was worn out from the exhaustion of Worry.

I would highly recommend these types of facilities to anyone who worries about these kinds of ‘woman tests’.  They were quick, very efficient, and gracious. The doctor was a delight. They even give you your results in writing, email, and also by disc. They save one endless suffering for days by waiting for results.

Good report!!


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