Can’t wait….

Last night I spent the night at #1’s house so I could be near to the facility that performed my mammogram this morning. My Anxiety was having so much fun with me that I felt sick. To pass the time last night, my son and his wife popped in the work out video that I am incorporating into my New Eating Plan. I have not yet received the video and was interested in seeing it. They also showed me their work out video and boy am I glad I am not doing that one!  Theirs is very intense, 21 Day Fix. I am also embarking on the 21 Day Fix but doing a different workout I mentioned before in a post called Cize.

Many years ago I Jazzercized each day after work and the new Cize work out is very similar. It’s a little fast paced and because I am Old and Out of Shape, I will have to modify, but it looks like it will be Fun. Yes! I said Fun!!  If you like to dance that is, and I LOVE to dance. I watched almost the entire first work out tape and can’t wait for it to arrive. That sounds weird, right? Who wants to work out? Well if you like to dance, this is a good one. It’s also fun, fun, fun. I even did some of it last night with my daughter in law and we had a blast. It was hard at first, and I could not keep up, but I can definitely see myself doing it everyday for thirty minutes. I figure after I lose the first twenty pounds I may even be hitting the old dance floor again!!  There are five or so different workouts altogether with three on each disc. The moves are modern and easy to follow. I love the music and am ready to go!!  Just waiting for the mail man!!

Updates to follow…..if you like dance, look into it!!


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