Love and Marriage

Love and marriage when young is so exciting and you can’t see the future

Because you are so busy looking in your lover’s eyes and Loving and Loving

Life gets in the way and Kids and Parents and Bills

And addictions and suddenly the person you loved

is no longer that person and then they begin

to Hate you

I tell my children to protect their love with all

they have for their spouses and significant


Protect that Love fiercely    Love your husband     Love your Wife

Be patient and kind and understanding and Listen

Know their faults Before you Marry if possible

Can you live with those faults?

I went blindly down that Road, loving, laughing, talking but not seeing the flaws I could not live with when we got Old and now He hates me

Don’t make the same mistakes



or you will be Old and

Alone adrift in a technological world

Uneducated with no skills

Not able to support Yourself

and having to put up with Hate that oozes like a River of Oil

because you are a mouse in a Trap   or

You will just be Old and Alone

which is what I choose to




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