Old house

Hello Old House                    You are a Fixer Upper         I know You

I too am Old                    I too am a Fixer Upper               I know You

Your sides are falling off                My sides are flabby too      I know You

Your front and back need addressing       Mine do too!

No one wanted you                             No one wants me either!

No one loves you anymore                I love you

No one loves me anymore either            We will love each other

You have bugs all around your yard              I feel like bugs are crawling all over me

You have no heat pump          Only electric Heaters       No air conditioning

I have lost estrogen                   I am always hot                I will get you window units

so we can cool off together when the weather is hot

You were cheap           I was always a cheap date

You had a family once      rooms full of love and laughter

I had children once in all of my rooms    full of love and laughter

You were abandoned            I am too!

Someone asked will I leave?           No way!!    I will stay in my poor old house.

She will be a grand dame                 I will be too!

You are a Fixer Upper

Just like me!

I embrace you poor old house

you are all I have to look forward to

Please embrace me

and we will have

peace and quiet




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