Protect Yourself

Protect yourself with education          Protect yourself with a trade or skill

Protect yourself with learning             Put aside your Yearning for something that does not matter

Protect yourself in the Now    Protect yourself Today and most important for Tomorrow

time travels Fast    Once you were Twenty Something   Blink and you are 50 Something

with no education       with no trade     with no skill   with an empty nest   and then the

Male bird or Female bird  decides to go and live without  You  and you are Alone in the Nest that’s all broken and dingy and falling apart and you don’t know what to do

So Protect Yourself so you can Survive

this Life

which is so hard         but don’t clip your wings nor take Abuse   or else you won’t be able to


Protect your Mind so You don’t go crazy

You are Not Crazy even though many say you are

You are smart        You  are courageous    You will survive

Alone   and standing


with wings straight and sure      with sharpened  beak in order to




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