Blog help

Hello my fellow bloggers!  Thank you for your posts each day. I love to read your Words, Thoughts, Adventures, Stories and Poems. I also love your Art and Photography.

  1. How do you insert a picture? Can I copy an image from the web and insert?
  2. How do I ‘make an archives’ by month?
  3. How can I make a ‘sidebar’?

I do not see the wizard children as much and have tried to do the above listed things but I do not know how. I appreciate any step by step instructions.

Technology challenged in some ways…..

Thanks so much for your help!!


4 thoughts on “Blog help

  1. I add pictures into my blog. It’s pretty easy… I use the wordpress desktop app, but I think it’s the exact same when you are publishing on the website. Above where you are writing the post, there are a bunch of buttons to mess with the text and stuff… The very first button that is on that (top left hand corner of the post) is the “Insert Picture”. Click on that and you can either add a photo directly from your computer or by URL (which would be from the website that views the original image).


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