Internet update

Well, I have to say that being on satellite internet is an experience and not a good one. I have purchased 2 gigs of data over my 25 package which is all they offer and had to buy another today.

If you have spotify on your computer and enjoy listening to it on the computer, forget it. It takes up data. U-tube? (love it so much) –nah it takes up a lot of data. Amazon videos will kill the data as will Netflix.  Computer automatic updates have to be done during ‘free time’ which is midnight to 5:00 a.m.  Forget about taking an online class and uploading your work as well unless it’s done during free time which is a real pain.

I was thinking of getting one dish for me, one for the kids and then the hubs may get back online eventually-one for him. Then I thought how weird and expensive that would be so am just going to keep buying gigs until I can figure out how much we use each month.

The last home I was renting for eight years and missed being a home owner mainly because I had no pool and we had an above ground for the kids for over 15 years. As they grew up and moved out, I exercised and enjoyed the pool more than they did. Now I miss the cable internet. Sheesh! (and no pool of course)

So I broke down again and bought another gig today if only to blog….I did this because I don’t want to miss any of my readings each day from other bloggers and also so I can put my thoughts down in cyberspace….ah, the joys of country life!!


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