Eating plan postponed…

I have someone in my life that says I am ‘excuse driven’, and I have been many times in the past. Usually it involves anxiety of some kind. I was supposed to start my exercise and eating plan this week. I have all the materials needed now and there were no excuses..until Monday when my teeth started to hurt, really bad. Off to the dentist I went yesterday and of course I thought I was just going to have the offending tooth pulled out. At my age, I am no longer paying for expensive dental work. It’s amazing to think that I once had what I call, ‘a million dollar’ mouth with crowns and root canals. What they did tell me twenty years ago was that the caps could be taken off and cleaned and put back on. Not so today. They require a new crown which is very expensive and out of my budget. So I went in yesterday and nothing was pulled but was put on antibiotics instead…tomorrow I have four teeth that need to be pulled from the bottom, the little ones. Looks like either a lower denture or a partial is in my near future. I am not happy about that, but there is nothing I can do was I can not afford to ‘fix’ the lower teeth as needed. With the antibiotics and pain killers, I don’t feel like starting the exercise plan this week, not to mention the pain. I am, however, trying to eat at least three small meals a day. My problem is NOT Eating. Therefore, my body has No Metabolism and is in Starvation Mode. So much for making plans. But there you have it….I am irritated that I missed a day of blogging. Also when I try to ‘like’ my daily blogs I read, if I miss a day, I can’t seem to ‘like’ them…So aggravating. I don’t know why I am unable to ‘like’ a post from the day before…

.So I am just waiting it out. I am not a stranger to teeth problems, nor dental work, nor extractions. Have had them all my life…Perhaps I will blog about that someday but for now, even thinking about my teeth make them hurt even with the painkillers and thinking about the extractions tomorrow makes me feel queasy….

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