Million dollar mouth…

When I was 12 I was playing softball and had my front tooth knocked out. There began my journey of anxiety with the dentist. He was new and I was living in a small river town. Did not have millions of dentists to choose from, so off to him I went. I was his, ‘Third Root Canal’…well I know that memories fade, but that one has not. He did do a root canal and a crown. I was so afraid, so traumatized that I only went to the dentist when I had to. I did brush and floss. In my twenties, I had many root canals and crowns. More in my thirties. The dentist told me that I was ‘investing in myself’..and that when I grew older I could have the crowns taken off, cleaned, and put back on. What I want to believe, is that he just did not know the future of dentistry. None of the crowns could be cleaned and put back on and finally two years ago, after losing a front tooth and feeling awful, my children pooled money together and I got all of my upper teeth taken out and dentures went in. Yes I went to a cheap place and yes I have had nothing but problems and discomfort. I recently found a place that specializes in those ‘immediate dentures’ and they put in a liner and I am better. However, now the bottom teeth are breaking down and after last week, when I had four teeth pulled, I look like a Vampire. Literally. Gross. I am in much pain still, have stitches and am sick from the antibiotics. They also don’t give out pain killers anymore! Sad times!  So I am faced with maybe getting the remainder of the teeth fixed, or pulled…A partial or a bottom denture?  Both are expensive and both are uncomfortable and I hate the thought…I have heard terrible things about bottom dentures…I am afraid. I can’t go around looking like a deranged Vampire/Wolf. That’s exactly what I look like. Plus I feel like crap and don’t really want to do anything of any value….But I will get on the phone tomorrow and see what I can do because I can’t go around looking and feeling like this. I hate being in pain and I hate going to the dentist so in one way, a bottom denture does appeal to me. My new eating plan and exercise plan is postponed of course, the revolving door of my home with the grown children keeps on opening and closing and no one stays around to help out much although they did stop in and take out laundry and go to the store, and I am grateful for that..However, must get back to ‘Life’ …can’t lay around and heal like normal people, so am going to take the easiest path I can!!



2 thoughts on “Million dollar mouth…

  1. Look after and hang on to what you have for as long as you can. I have a partial lower denture which was correctly fitted nearly twenty years ago. It still works well, and so far the remaining teeth have kept quiet. Unless you go through it, you have little sympathy for this trauma, it isn’t something the outsider can appreciate. Dentures take a while to get used to, but once you learn to live with their limitations and steer clear of the ‘fixatives’ they perform well enough. No apples, though!


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