And something else…

Nothing aggravates my children more than me comparing their behavior to my oldest son who is 33. He gave me much trouble believe me. He really set the bar for all five others. They never got to do anything and they resented him for that as teens.

One thing about The Menopause is that there is an evil component to it. By that I mean is that one minute you are crying, the next you could choke someone. Temper is out of control.

I especially enjoy comparing the eldest son to the younger ones, (in a very coy way of course) such as, “your brother calls me everyday”…Or, “I am going to dinner at your brother’s house”..or …”Your brother invited me to …..

That stuff really irritates the younger ones. I do this on purpose. My eldest son does pay attention to me and really does invite me over, and my daughter in law is awesome. My granddaughter is tied to her phone but she patiently helps me Instagram. I really enjoy spending time with the eldest and his family maybe because they are grown up now and enjoy entertaining and are so kind to me. They actually like me. My son has no patience for my tears, but my daughter in law is a sweet young woman and doesn’t mind me crying when I need to. We watch movies and have cook outs and enjoy one another. My son and I enjoy talking about business ventures and he respects me completely. When he was younger he may have flipped me off once he left the drive way but he never said a curse word in my presence and to this day, he and his wife may let a ‘bad’ word out of their mouth and they put their hand over their mouth like a child and say, ‘Oh I am sorry’…I laugh my head off at them. They are kind to me.

Menopause the Evil causes me to bring them up in conversation which irritates the younger ones. Just to give them a mental slap. After a day like I had today, they deserve it…


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