He walked in…

He walked in the room and my tummy fell to my toes

He was dark and mysterious……anything goes

I fell

lock stock and barrel

We laughed            We danced           We cooked        We stayed out all night

Looks during the day reminding us of the night before

carrying our secret till the summer

he went away            I  waited

He wrote a letter   when letters were the best way of communicating

He had another secretly     engaged even

Who was he?

I cried     I screamed   I pounded my fist   I grew cold inside  closed off    built another wall

He came back a year later     what a surprise

Thank God I looked good the night he surprised me in his hot new car

Words of love and lies spilling out of his mouth

I too drove a Hot Car

Grew Up

Built the wall higher

Left him in the dust of my V8







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