Lost friend…

A friend said she had Bette Davis eyes
When she was a child
Large, expressive, laughing chocolate eyes
With a hint of green round the rim
Always understanding
Always loving
Trying to be supportive
My friend
It seemed like an instant
But surely it must have been
That rage, sadness,
No forgiveness
No understanding
Although I
Was right
Does it matter?
Now we
Will never be
The same
Ice cold freezes
My heart
Disturbs my mind
Puts my stomach in a
Perfect sailor’s knot
Because her hatred is so
Bold and Loud
I turn away
From her ferocity
Does it matter that much
That a few words were said in
Anger to someone else
Not even to her
That she would turn
So stubbornly
Against me
When I need her so much
I love her unconditionally
With all of her flaws
Her incredible beauty
Was it just on the
Or has someone
Snatched the beauty
Within that I so
Admired and appreciated
If I could go back and
Keep quiet
Not speak my mind
I would
Even though without her
I am lost


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