When you no longer clip their wings…

One of my daughters is getting married to her Great Love next summer. They met at college, graduated in May, secured jobs and are on Their Way…..to Colorado….so so far away (24 driving hours, not so bad by plane).  We used to talk everyday but she is working so many hours now to save her money for the move and we don’t talk as much as we used to. I also ticked her off and hurt her terribly at her Graduation which was Not in Good Timing on My Part. Wish I had a Re-do on that too!!

I just pretend trying to trick my heart, that she is still only about thirty minutes away. When all of kids go to college, I kind of let them have free reign. They don’t always like this. However, I never was able to go to college, but I envision it a time when you find yourself, begin to know who you are, what you want to be, and certainly wouldn’t want your Mother hanging around….maybe I was wrong…

I can’t wrap my mind around it. Then I think of Mothers that see their children go off to the other side of the country, or out of the country, or join the Military and wonder how in the world do they get through it?  My daughters are my best friends. I have an ache inside that won’t go away so I try not to think about it. I have not completely devised a plan, but want to be ‘doing something’ on the day of her Departure….Who am I kidding, I know I will be a Puddle….

It’s just one more thing I will have to get used to. On one hand, I so much want her to be Happy, (which I know she will be) and Thrive (undoubtedly she will, she’s so awesome)…but on the other hand, I am So Sorrowful. I will miss her So Much….I know I can fly out there, money permitting and visit but it’s Not The Same….

Ah, life….so wonderful, so joyous, So Hard.

How I love her So…..


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