You never know who is going to read it..

You never know who is reading your blog besides your followers. Several of my daughters have said that they don’t read it, or at least not that much because it is a private therapy thing for me. It is and it isn’t. It is therapeutic for sure but I don’t mind if they read it. However, I need to clarify something I wrote a few weeks ago.

I said something like my younger daughters call and tell me all about their lives and then have to go…this is what I meant at the heart of it:

I miss the days when they were younger women, late teens, when we would talk and talk and talk. They would share and I would share and we had so much fun just having a conversation. Sometimes it may have been a debate. But it was always such joy to me. Sometimes when they call I do talk and talk and talk about myself. That isn’t right either. I know that they are changing, that they are living their lives, moving on and out as is the natural order of things, and thinking for themselves Thank God, which is just how I thought they would be. I just didn’t think that I would be ‘less’. That was stupid on my part. Of course I will be ‘less’…not in their love for me, just because they have husbands, boyfriends, fiances and are moving on with their lives. It’s normal that they do that.

I just really really miss them.

How I love my daughters so….


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