Christian, Muslim, etc…

Since I am still in Tirade Mode, I figured I may as well put this out there in cyberspace while I am at it. A few years ago I took a Religion Class as part of my Humanities requirement. We studied, ‘Religions of the World’. One assignment was to visit a Church, Tabernacle, or Mosque, and then write a paper on our experience.

I was very uncomfortable doing this. My Anxiety was kicking and screaming and tap dancing and having a good old time. I had to find a religion that I knew nothing about. However, in studying various religions, I found that Muslims are peaceful, clean living people. Much of the news tells us all about the Bad Things. Yes, yes, I know that there are radical Muslims, but in the spirit of honesty, there are Radical Christians too. You just don’t hear about them unless you are studying Catholicism. There have been killings and war and revenge and more killings in the Name of Religion for hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s ridiculous.

I don’t know if the young man involved in today’s shootings in Florida was a Muslim, but as soon as his name was released, the Media had a Hey Day.  I met a lovely Afghanistan family years ago that ran to the United States to make a new life. I was lucky enough to become friends with the mother of that family. The horrors that she told me about were shocking to my senses. She was Muslim. She was kind, loving, hard working, and a wonderful lady. Her family was too. Just because I was a Christian and she was a Muslim made no difference at all. She was not Radical. She did not Hate Americans. She Loved Americans. She wanted to Be One!!

Let’s stop the hating shall we?

p.s.  For my assignment in this class, I visited a local Buddhist community. It was on one of their feast days, and I had no idea ‘what to do’. I was immediately embraced by their community and enjoyed a lovely day of food, music, and friendship. I had no idea what to wear, so felt I was ‘safe’ wearing black. An older lady came up to me and told me that it showed I was in mourning and if I were to visit for the first time, I should have worn white! She was not condemning, she was very kind. She even laughed at me and with me about it!

I do think that Everyone coming into the United States should be properly vetted no matter who they are and where they are from. Of course I want to keep my country safe. However, hating innocent people is Not the Way To Do It.


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