Gay Lesbian Month and Shootings…

I had decided last night that I have read many books over the past month and wanted to share my book reviews so that fellow readers can maybe try a new author. Yet, upon waking, the hubs always has the news on and decided to write my piece on the news, which I rarely do.

I don’t know of anyone that does not have someone in their life, whether a family member or a friend that is not of the LGBT community. I don’t care whether you agree with that lifestyle or not, they are still People!  Americans! Citizens! They have rights, just like everyone else.

I was not always so modern thinking.  Back in the ’80’s when the Aids scare first came out, and we had regular television, not 24 hour all over the world television, and no internet, I was terrified and Aids was paraded as a ‘gay’ disease. Being young, and ignorant, I was against that lifestyle due to my fear and my beliefs as a Christian. Over time, education, Christian love, and my college children and their friends have opened my eyes to Tolerance and Love. I too, have relatives and friends that are gay or lesbian or bisexual. I may not understand it, but I love them.  Education is key!

However, I am a student as well as a teacher of History. Let’s be Real today and speak Truth. This community has been around for hundreds of years, perhaps not as open, but among us just the same. So what. Do you really think the boarding houses of old when women would live together and go out to work, that they were not perhaps more than living together in a house specified ‘for women’? Or what about women dressing as men and living with women, but dressing as men because maybe they wanted to, or perhaps to get a job that paid as much as jobs for men did?  Were they perhaps intimate with one another as well?  I met a lovely older couple, old ladies (older than me shocker) and they were ‘companions’ for years …they did not want to tell their families and allowed themselves to be seen as ‘old maids’ that no man wanted. They did that because they were Afraid of Rejection by their families. I was enamored of them. I was sad for them. I was ashamed of our society for ostracizing them.  Are we really that dense? I think not. It’s still irrelevant.

I have not yet heard confirmation of the young man that shot up the bar in Florida as to what his motivation was. Maybe terrorism, maybe hate crime, perhaps both. Was the bar a target for someone’s hate of the LGBT community? Who knows….He is dead now so no one can ask him. I am sure it will all come out in the investigation. I am outraged, appalled, saddened and upset over this shooting. I would be the same if it were a shopping mall or baseball game or school.. I hope the man was just a whack job and not shooting everyone because they were lesbian or gay. That is one of the dumbest things I ever heard. And it’s also scary. One of my grown children has a very good friend that is lesbian. She could very well have been in a bar like that with her friend. They could both be dead. It would be a tragedy, trauma, sorrowful hole that My Family would not get over.

It’s time for the violence to stop. Whether it be a school, shopping mall, sporting event, plane or train….the shootings of innocent lives is Despicable. I pray for the people in the bar that are still alive, the families and friends of those lost, and for the future of this Great Nation. I can not imagine the toll this type of event will take on those still living. They will be terrified to go Out and Fear is awful and leads to Anxiety, which I know well. I wish they would not have shot the shooter so he could be punished….

Please people, let’s have more love and tolerance shall we? We are all in this Life together and it’s hard enough as it is without bringing someone’s sexual preference into it. Seems to me that we could be doing something better with our time than Hating.



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