Racial Profiling….Real or Not?

I guess today I am on a roll so thought I would write my thoughts on racial profiling as well. I have always called my family a tribe. It should not be misconstrued as an affront to the Native American. I have one grown child mixed with Native American, one that is mixed with African American. So we are blended, and well I might add.

However, I never believed in racial profiling until the past few years. The reason being is that I don’t see people in terms of color. I never have, and only experienced racism personally when I was carrying a mixed child and I don’t want to experience it again. The racism was on Both Sides, The African American side didn’t want a White Child mixed with them, the White Side didn’t want an African American mixed with them. I thumbed my nose at Both Sides. The child I carried is Beautiful inside and out. I still didn’t really buy the whole racial profiling thing. I just tend to believe the best in people. However, after hearing too many stories of being pulled over by police, I finally had to admit that there is something to it. I hate it.

Then a few months ago, I was selling one of my kid’s cars and the man purchasing it made a remark about my car. I drive an older cop car, a Marquis. I told him laughingly I was always being pulled over. He told me it was because I was an older lady and no one would suspect me of carrying drugs or weapons and police look for cars like mine. I was shocked. I rattled his ideas around in my head for a few days and I think he may be onto something. He said I looked Latino, which I do, although I am American Italian fourth generation. He said that was why I was always being pulled over. Looking Latino….I really do get pulled over all the time. I am not even speeding, don’t have taillights out, and every time I get pulled over it’s for a dumb reason that is not even a reason. And no, I have not gotten a ticket. I still can’t wrap my head around it, but I do believe that Racial Profiling is a Real Thing.

I am not in any shape or form bashing our police officers. I have the utmost respect and honor for them (although they could be nicer but maybe that are afraid too)…I just Do As They Say because I am afraid of everyone These Days.

Sheesh. Maybe we should all play it safe and go back to riding horses…


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