And another thing…

Upon waking today I heard on the news that the father of the shooter in Orlando is a taliban sympathizer. That he is ‘all over social media’ whatever that means. I am not going to waste time looking him up.

Question: Why in the world would our government officials allow a KNOWN sympathizer with those that Hate America sit around and write about Hate for America? How do we know that he isn’t recruiting people or whatever they do? 

I can guarantee that if it were me, I would probably be brought in for questioning or jailed.

Explain that.

ps:  For the grammar watchers, I refused to capitalize the name “taliban”….

2 thoughts on “And another thing…

  1. The FBI said their previous investigations into Omar Mateen’s ties with radical groups or individuals turned up nothing solid, so it’s not true that he was a “known sympathizer”, even if his father was. We don’t generally assume parents control, and are responsible for the behavior of their adult children. If he was self-radicalized and had no ties to others, investigations would not turn up any red flags before a criminal act.

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  2. I was talking about his Father, which was just again confirmed by CNN. However, I will concede that grown children can fall by the wayside regardless of a good upbringing.I also understand that if the FBI found nothing, they can’t do anything until a Crime is committed. However, the fact that he was on a Watch List is the point. Keep them on it. Read other posts. Here therein, lies the problem of terrorism within our own people. Thank you for your post. There must be a solution before others are killed.

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