Clarification due to comment….

I received a comment about one of my posts and felt I should write a clarification.

I have been watching television, all different news channels, (not that they are necessary a Great source) but still….so I am seeing all the information about the shootings in Florida. I have been doing this because I am undergoing dental work and am in pain, can’t concentrate, watching television is about all I can tolerate.

The young man that shot all the people in Florida was on an FBI watch list. I realize he was ‘dropped’ from that list because there was no evidence against him. That therein, lies the problem. I think that if someone is on an FBI watch list, they should stay on it for as long as it takes, not just 18 months. They should be monitored. I have said this before. Here it is again.

It makes no difference to me if the man was Muslim, Christian, or from Mars. He KILLED people, and it was reported he was a radical Muslim terrorist. That in and of itself is not my point. Plenty of Muslims do not subscribe to this ideology. So I DID NOT in any way, shape or form ‘pick on Muslims’. I have friends that are Muslims for crying out loud. They don’t want to KILL Americans. They are Americans too and love America. Enough said.

I mentioned the man’s father. It was not the father’s fault that the adult child did this. However, the father is a taliban sympathizer according to the news. HE was who I was talking about, and he is being scrutinized as the latest news reports say. However, there is nothing anyone can do about that either until a CRIME is committed. Again, that’s the point.  There should be safeguards in place that if one is a radical terrorist sympathizer, they should be monitored so the KILLING will stop.

However, if one does not feel this threat close to home, or is not a student of history, nor does not ‘stay up to date’ on today’s global politics, they would have no idea what I am talking about…

Read former posts about this subject for a better understanding of my thoughts which are worth Nothing in the scheme of things for more clarification.

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